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What is the difference between Organic, Sustainable and Biodynamic and what are GEEK FAVORITES? You probably hear those words being bandied about almost as much as local and artisanal, while the two latter words have lost much of their meaning organic, sustainable and biodynamic retain their original importance.

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Biodynamic is a method of farming that was started by Rudolf Stiener in the 1920's in which the process of farming is done in a unified manner that relates not only to the farm itself that takes into consideration the cosmos in the farming of the land. Essentially it means that lunar charts and soil make up are as important in the farming itself as the sun and the water. The idea is that the soil is alive and should be treated thusly in all matters including how you compost, when you compost what you use to balance the PH balance etc... The conversation of what is biodynamic is long and complex…..


The grapes are farmed with the least amount of intervention possible, including chemical and mechanical intervention. It may mean that the vineyard is organic but has not gotten organic certification because of the small size of the operation or the relative cost of the organic certification process. You can compare sustainable farming to traditional farming, the way many generations before would have done it; chemical/pesticide free and with a respect for the continued usage of the earth.


When you see this on a bottle it means that not only are the grapes farmed without pesticides or chemicals but also that the vineyard has gone through, what can be a long and expensive process, to get certified by a governmental agency in America as an Organic farm. You can rest assured when you see this label that your grapes are grown in the most chemical free environment possible.